Castor Ullanor - A Mandalorian Dog of War

A near-dead mercenary turned into an indentured guardian of a hutt.


Gender: Male/Human with Cybernetic Implants
Age: 26
Height: 1.79
Weight: 99 kg

Dexterity: 3D
Knowledge: 2D
Mechanical: 3D
Perception: 3D
Strength: 4D
Technical: 3D

Force Sensitive
Cybernetic Arm, and Ribcage Implants (7D total Strength)
Move 10

Blaster +3
Brawling Parry +1
Dodge +2
Grenade +1
Vehicle Blasters: +2
Planetary Systems +2
Streetwise +1
Starship Gunnery +1
Space Transports +1
Search +1
Brawling 1D
Stamina +2
Space Transports Repair +1

Comlink, Breath mask, Med Pack

Vibroblade STR 3D
Note With Cybernetic Arm Implant, Strength addition to rolls is 5D

Blaster Carbine
Fire Rate: 1
Range: 3-25/50/250
Damage: 5D
Game Notes: At long range, increase difficulty by +5

Bounty Hunter Armor
Model: Mandalorian PowerSuit
Type: Bounty hunter armor
Skill: Powersuit operation
Game Notes: +2D physical, +1D

Lightsaber disabling gauntlets (can block lightsabers and disable them) They cover hands and forearms.

Force Power:
Control Pain


Born in the Outer Rim on Alba-6 his birthdate is not specified, but it is speculative he was born approximately from 16bby to 14bby. Castor was born to human parents: his father, a Mandalorian – Anteas Ullanor, and his mother who was his father’s slave – Ayla. His father, viewed him as a legitimate son, and not a bastard. He had Castor learn the Canons of Honor and the ancient laws of Mandalore.

As Castor had grown of age and been accepted into his clan, he began training to become inducted into one of the many groups of mercenaries that lined the Outer Rim – more specifically the Black Curs.

Anteas Ullanor died during the battle of Yavin 4, having sided with the Republic (Correct me if I am wrong) Anteas sided against the Empire for personal reasons: he felt his people had been ostracized, and forced into the Outer Rim, forsaking their homeworld in the favor of an empire that ruled them as dogs of war, rather than a group of united warriors. His father imprinted him that Mandalorians had been tainted, and their ancient laws and code had been long forgotten in the pursuit of credits, instead of honor.

Castor never understood his father’s cryptic teachings about honor, and felt that war, battle, and bloodshed were ways to earn credits, and leave the outer rim to planets that would give more favorable gains. Even after learning of his father’s death in Yavin 4, Castor did not choose sides in wars, and even declined joining the Black Curs, in favor of instead fighting as a freelance mercenary, and choosing the winning side of a battle. Unknown to Castor – his sensitivity to the force had given him an edge in not only fighting, but understanding his opponents.

Many of Castor’s first attempts at war were small skirmishes, where he was struggling to find pay working with the Republic, he found that the Galactic Empire not only employed him at a higher rate, but also sent him into more frequent skirmishes, that eventually lead to more prominent battles.

He gained notoriety in taking part in Operation Groundquake in 8 ABY, where he functioned as a melee specialist in a unit of jump troopers, that assisted in breaking an opening to allow the capturing of the refueling tanker Bastion.

Castor typically did work with Lieutenant Ollis, a low-ranking storm trooper Lieutenant that acted as a handler, assigning him to units of jump troopers that would often lead frontline attacks.

Notable Raids and Battles:

Raid on Saarn 9 ABY

Ambush on Trogan 9 ABY

Third Battle of Ord Mantell 10 ABY

During the Second Battle of Balmorra in 10 ABY, Castor had engaged a pair of SD-10 battle droids in close combat. They were destroyed by a AT-ST, and the blast had not only incapacitated Castor, but blown off his arm, and shattered his entire ribcage.

Captured by the Balmorrans, Governor Beltane executed orders upon captured prisoners of war, and set some of them up to be sold for ransom, or even traded to gain funds for the damages caused by the battle.

Castor had an unlikely fate. Instead of being left for dead in the snow covered fields of Balmorra, he was sold to a hutt on Nar Shadda – Yurta Hutt.

Yurta had purchased several other Mandalorians that were injured, and sold as prisoners of war. They, like Castor were implanted with cybernetics. They floated in stasis pods, recovering for a year, and adjusting to their new bodies, some of which were not entirely whole.

Castor and Elsa were the only two that had survived their surgeries. Elsa, a female Mandalorian Rattaki, had formed a strange bond.

After being released from their stasis pods – both Castor and Elsa were greeted with a hologram of Yurta. The hutt explained to them that they should get acquainted, as they were both purchased for a high price, and outfitted with cybernetics. These new lives came at a cost – they would have to repay Yurta, with the hutt taking a 67% interest from their payments… which of course, Yurta had made as minimal as possible, so that way he could have a pair of mandalorians employed as long as possible.

Yurta’s specific taste of crime was slave trafficking, as well as smuggling. He had a small sector in Nar Shadda which he controlled, and had recently lost a large group of his henchmen to a rival in a deal that had gone wrong.

Elsa and Castor had gained Yurta’s trust, by proving to their new master that they could protect him. They took leadership roles above his other henchmen, specifically the former ringleader of his henchmen – Lirt – a trandoshan, who was cantankerous, pissed, and brooding of a good way to manipulate Elsa and Castor into losing his master’s trust.

As time had passed Castor learned that Elsa was raised in a similar fashion, and instead embraced the ancient laws of Mandalore, and had sided with the Republic for the same reasons as his father. He did not know how, but as he grew acquainted with this new, dark life, he realized that a part of him feared being as courageous as his father, but wished to redeem himself by cutting his ties with his hutt master, and the seedy life he was living on Nar Shadda.

Castor Ullanor - A Mandalorian Dog of War

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