Drax Carnell - Former CEO of Carnell Enterprises

A fast talking business man out to get back what was taken from him.


Dexterity 2D
Knowledge 4D
Mechanical 3D
Perception 4D
Strength 2D
Technical 3D

Force Sensitive

Blasters +1
Alien Species +1
Bureaucracy +2
Business +2
Cultures +2
Law Enforcement +1
Value +2
Communications +1
Willpower +2
Bargain +2
Con +2
Persuasion +2
Repair +1

Equipment: comlink, concealed blaster (3D), identification, assorted untraceable credits, stylish wardrobe

10 Character Points, 6 Force Points


Drax is a businessman first, a rebel, fighter, and sympathizer a much distant second. One of the leading suppliers of arms, armor and ships to the Galactic Empire, crime syndicates and occasionally the Rebel Alliance before the destruction of the Second Death Star, he’s found himself with a target on his back thanks to the machinations of the Hutts, Imperial Remnants and crime families alike. With his sizable fortune and much of his weapon caches in secure location, he’s tried to stay off the grid on Corusant, avoiding the bounty hunters and killers he still feels like are watching him at any given moment. He needs protection and he knows and he’s willing to side with anyone who can give him a chance to stay alive and reclaim the business that’s rightfully his.

Carnell thinks and talks first and shoots much later and he’s got something of a knack for getting himself out of tough situations without greasing any shifty characters. Unfortunately, his not-always ethical dealings seem to be catching up to him and he’s more than willing to do what he needs to do to stay alive in a galaxy that seems to be more in turmoil than ever.

Drax Carnell - Former CEO of Carnell Enterprises

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