Star Wars: Republic in Turmoil


Our three Heroes, each adrift in the galaxy, each recieved a lucrative job offer.

Mandalorian Castor Ullanor was sent to the dark depths of Corellia to extract Jax Pavan, former Jedi and leader of the resistance group Whiplash. After a heated battle with Imperial Stormtroopers, Castor returned with only a strange holocron from Pavan’s possession. As his mission neared completion, Castor was betrayed by his treacherous Hutt overlord, who absconded with his comrade, Elsa.

Businessman Drax Carnell was offered a dangerous mission- retrieve a deep cover agent from Imperial Controlled Corellia. In exchange, all of his debts and bountry contracts within the New Republic would be cancelled. On Corellia, Carnell met Harlan, a former Jedi Initiate in hiding. Though the pair made it off Corellia, Carnell was warned that Imperial agents would only come after him harder and faster.

Adventurer Alk Vosh ventured into the ruins of Jabba’s Palace. He encounted the mysterious B’omarr monks, and a mysterious thief and information dealer. While he eventually recovered a mysterious Jedi artifact, he also received a mysterious warning about his companion Serra.

After completing their adventures, the three adventurers learned they were hired by Jedi Master Luke Skywalker. And he is about to make them an exciting offer…


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